Young people: protagonist of today

The weeks are passing by and we can not believe it…we are already in June!!! We just started the summer season and we are totally immerse in all our daily work. We are starting to get use to our job in Ieranto, we are preparing a lot of nice events as part of one of our internal projects (Un mare per explorare – more information will be given in the next days), doing a lot of research about our local fauna and flora… and, at the same time, we are enjoying the weather and the sea everyday.

Last Monday we went to Napoli for an event organised by the Agenzia Nazionale Giovani. This agency is a public body, with organisational and financial autonomy, supervised by the Italian Government and the European Commission.

Promoting the active citizenship of young people, developing solidarity and promoting tolerance among young people, promoting knowledge, understanding and cultural integration among different countries; are some of the main objectives that this agency has.

From Torino to Palermo, during June and July, 10 events are taking place around Italy to to tell about the opportunities given by the Government and the National Youth Agency for new generations and to create real connections between young people and institutions. The hashtag #OggiProtagonistiTour shows the main message of these events: The youth people, are the protagonist of today.

The 1st of July, they were in Napoli, and of course we couldn’t miss the change to go, represent and talk about our amazing project. When we arrived and we realised that in front of us we were going to have a lot of people, cameras, microphone, radio and TV station…we got really nervous, but once we started to speak about us and the project, all those feelings disappeared and we just felt happy to share our experience.

It was a really nice experience and we would like to thanks to everyone who make this events possible, all the organisation, all the interventions, all the people involved in different institutions, organisations and project, thanks to all of you we are making the young European citizen getting active and contribute with their dedication and motivation in a lot a lot of different and important topics for our present and, overall, for our future.

We took the chance to make a very cute photo of all the group with our amazing t-shirts!

To finalise the day, we went all together to eat some pizzas (something that we don’t do usually in Italy, maybe just 100 times per week).