M.A.R.E. meeting 2019

From 21 to 28 May we organized the meeting between all the volunteers of the past years. This year, we received a visit from:

  • Dani (MARElini 2018)
  • Joana (MARElini 2018)
  • Laura (MARElini 2018)
  • Fabi (MARElini 2018)
  • Toni (MARElini 2018)
  • Tannia (MARElini 2014)
  • Álvaro (MARElini 2014) – but, we can consider him almost like a Neapolitan ;)

Here, we present our days. funnier than the whole week:

-22 of May. Hiking in Monte Faito. A tiring day, walking a lot, a lot, but, beautiful, unique and with the best people.

-24 of May. Climate Strike: Activity in Sorrento. On May 24, people from all over the world joined the World Climate Strike. A restaurant under the sea, organisms, climate change, invasive species, marine litter, builders and people who want to change the current situation.

-25 of May. Open Day in Ieranto. Sharing best practices and advices, Kayak, Snorkel all together in Ieranto and the mystery of Jelly Balls.

-26 of May. Cooking Pizza together. How to be a little more Italian … learn to make homemade pizza, together with friends and family.

You can reed more about our days clicking in the link attached on each tittle.

We would like to thank all the people who have been with us in these days with us (friends, family, people who have participated in our activities …), without everyone, it wouldn’t have been the same