M.A.R.E. 2018


The one who comes from the faraway lands. He is a young and fearless dodo bird who swoops from the highest mountains to the deep seas to collect the treasures that are left behind (especially sunglasses). He battles the biggest and evilest enemy of them all-PLASTIC! His soaring spirit makes you believe that you can fly. He is full of energy that he uses to help drag the weak across the waves and to safety. He is molding his true self through his involvement in the project. This also is beneficial for the sea, who receives his energy and positive actions that will leave it a little better than it was before.

Tony’s main mission is to gather his fellow dodo birds to fly together over the Mediterranean Sea and vanquish their common enemy.


Being the wisest of them all, she leads with grace and poise. Her constant presence is inspiring and what keeps the group strong. It takes time to find out who she really is, but when you do, you wish you had known her before. Her power over the organisms of the sea is influential and she makes you believe that you can deeply connect with the marine wildlife too. She always makes you laugh when you are feeling sad and is always willing to give you a hand. She is the rock at the bottom of our sea.

Joana’s mission is to find all the creatures of the Mediterranean Sea, especially the ones who call Ieranto Bay their home



The bird man. Up in the sky, he watches over us for our safety and wellbeing. He puts others’ needs before his own, reflecting his caring nature. He loves to hike and is our nomad who walks the trail alone with happiness and a profound understanding about not only the land, but the sea as well. He observes with a steady eye, always wandering into the sky looking for other birds and getting lost in his own imagination. His secret passion, which he must find in the urban jungle (piano de sorrento), is the delicious and hypnotic ICECREAM!

Fabien’s mission is to find the right song to sing to the other birds so that they can open their eyes to what is happening in the sea and not just be concerned about the land (get those messages in the bars Fabien!!!) #rifiutarifiuti


The most passionate member of MARE who cares about everyone and everything that goes on around the world. She is like a sea turtle, she left her nest to explore the world and its oceans. In her search she found many injustices that she now feels she has a responsibility for. She wants justice and acceptance for all the other turtles of the sea and is out spoken about this wish. Her creativity she shows through her work and personality emits emotions in the team and in others that meet her. Her energy is unmatched and is something you can always rely on when you see her.

Laura’s mission is to compile and publicize the work of the entire team into a visual aid that can be viewed by those not directly involved in the project.




The Poseidon of the team, who keeps all the creative minds on one track. His analytic mentality and constructive approach to his work is crucial for the project and it’s purpose. You can see that he is the warrior of the waters when he kayaks and the sea separates for him. When he speaks the native words of the water dwellers, they all stop and listen to what he says. But, behind his tough exterior, his secret passion is with Ali oli and tortillas.

Daniel’s mission is to have eyes everywhere and control what goes in and out of Ieranto bay. He keeps this precious information to share with those who walk on the land.



By day, she is the secret keeper of the bay who keeps all the legends safe within her vault. She welcomes people with open arms and enchants them with the legends of ieranto. By night, she swims and absorbs the strength and tranquility of the moonlight. Through her time spent in the water, she has learned many things about it’s inhabitants and can speak for those who cant speak for themselves. When she awakens (usually late), she researches the truth of the predators of her friends in the sea. Her constructive and creative mind composes incredible written pieces that are both informative and eye-opening.

Daniella’s mission is to write and research about the fishery and their impact on the Mediterranean Sea.