Boe Camping

The park is divided into three zones of protection (see the marine park information page) with a specially designated “Yellow” zone near the Marina del Cantone, on the southern coast, where boats may enter and attach themselves to anchored buoys. This area is called Mortella but is widely known as Campo Boe. During the summer, from June to September, park officials and volunteers maintain the area together by boat.

The main reason these buoys, 35 of them, were installed was to protect the sea grass (Posedonia oceanica) which has colonized the bottom along the coast of the peninsula. When boats anchor, they destroy posidonia by ripping up its roots and leaves, leaving large areas desolate. With anchor-prohibited zones like this one, the problem can be mitigated.

Talking to tourists and locals who arrive within these zones and by also distributing material regarding posidonia and the park itself is crucial to promote environmental awareness. Through official park activities and project M.A.R.E. contributions, this activity helps to communicate both what the marine park and project M.A.R.E. are trying to achieve and stand for: protecting biodiversity, promoting education and sustainable action.