Beach Cleaning

There are many beaches on the Sorrento peninsula and within the A.M.P di Punta Campanella. Garbage and waste thrown into the sea will always accumulate on these beaches in varying degrees depending on their location in relation to wind directions. Weather is the main factor affecting waste accumulation trends in the area.

One of the aims of the project is to make sure these beaches are kept as tidy as possible over the duration of the project. This is mainly done to benefit the natural aesthetic, mitigate pollution and also to conduct environmental education: Occasionally the volunteers are joined by students of different ages to help increase awareness regarding pollution within the local community and also internationally.

Within the A.M.P,  Crapolla beach and cove (near Torca) takes up the larger share of cleaning activities, when southwesterly and southeasterly winds bring in a large quantity of waste along the southern coast of the peninsula. The largest beach within the park, Tordigliano, towards Positano, also suffers from the same issue. The quantity of waste is too large to carry back overland, so boats are needed to transport it to the nearest garbage disposal area.

There is, and will always be, a need to maintain the cleanliness of the beaches so that everybody and everything can benefit from it. This is a part of project M.A.R.E.’s mission.