Inauguration A Sea to Explore 2019

We provided 9 educational activities for children from 5 to 99 years old on the theme of the sea, with activities in the square of Massa Lubrense and in the protected bays of the MPA Punta Campanella.

The past 11th of July was the first day of A Sea to Explore. After talking a bit about the M.A.R.E. Project, we got to know each other better. We all introduced ourselves with our names and our favorite marine animal…the seahorse, the turtle and the dolphin being the most popular amongst the children.

After introductions we began the treasure hunt, and what better treasure than the ones we have under the sea… the most important organisms of the Mediterranean. Firstly, the children guessed the animal and the algae through a description and then they found the drawing somewhere in the square.

After doing so we COLORED! Everyone colored their drawings with the real colors of the organisms and after it, they let their imagination explode and draw them on the floor with chalk.

The next game included 1 dice and 64 boxes. The goal? Reach the end before the others. Within the boxes you can find marine organisms or positive actions (Pinna Nobilis, Posidonia, MPA of Punta Campanella, Stella Marina…) for the environment that makes us move faster. Unfortunately, within the boxes we can also find invasive species, overfishing, marine litter, anchorage… which takes us back.

Talking about marine organisms is interesting, playing is fun, but there is no doubt that the next part was the favorite part for the children … FOOD TIME! Each of us (volunteers) prepared a recipe relative to our country. And, of course, we are in Italy, so we also provided pizza!

We finished the night by dancing to some traditional music orchestrated by our friends who played the accordion and tammorra! 

We want to give a big thanks to everyone who participated !! The next meeting will be next Thursday 18th of July in the square in Massa Lubrense center, from 18:00 to 22:00, see you there!