The moment to say goodbye

After 9 months, in MARE house, now is the moment of farwell, the most difficult moment of the project, we were 4, nuria already left 2 weeks ago to pass the Christmas and the new year party with her family, yesterday radek left to czech republic, and today elza left to latvia.


After this beautiful experience, everyone left to live his normal live again, i don’t know how the time is passed so quickly, my first day here it is like yesterday, the italian courses, training of kayak, discovery of the territory , after that the work in Ieranto Bay, the environmental courses with the kids, EVS trainings…


Everything is passed as a nice dream, now we have only memories , the funny things that we did it together, the diffucult moment that we faced it, sometimes the problems between us, also the amazing days with kayaks, the preparation of the games for the kids, the difficulties that we found it to learn the language, tammuriata parties, pizza, dinners that we did it together, and with the ex volunteers.

For me it was a unique experience, i learned many things from this project, from everyone, also i discovered many beautiful places, as Ieranto, Nerano, Sorrento, Napoli…


Also living with others persons from different culture helped me a lot to learn how i can live and behave with persons who have tottaly different culture, and i met many friends from all the world.

Now everything is finished, but i won new friends, brothers and sisters, a new family, project MARE family, i advice all the persons who have the possibility to participate in this project don’t miss the opportunity, for me i consider it as the best experience in my life.