And now we are three


When I am freezing in the coldness of winter air I always think that when the summer finally comes I will be shocked, but every year, it is always the same. It comes slowly, naturally. It does not switch from coldness to heat in one day. And I was thinking about this today when Nuria packed the last things, woke us up, hugged and kissed us, said goodbye and quietly left. Without crying, without drama, without big, important words and speeches, like I imagined. Because everything that we have been through. What we have learned from each other, what we all have experienced together has already been said and done. Now there are just memories and the ideas about future.

First day when I saw Nuri I went inside the house, Spanish music was playing, I heard „Helloo” from the bathroom and then a girl with wet hair and piercing in the nose said greetings with „Hi. I’m Nuria!”. It is imaginable to think about our team without her. Eight months of playing cards together, working together, listening to her loud snoring, swimming, laughing about what stupid things we did today. And hours and hours of a never ending energy (kayaking, snorkeling, dancing, yelling, singing, laughing, cooking, playing games, going on adventures – all in one day) (yet, the paradox is that she is hitch-hiking in every situation, even if it is just for 50 meters). So full of joy and light and talent to make all people lose their manners and skills in English.

With all the activities, the amazing work, the busy summer, joy and the loud house and difficulties of understanding each other and always fights about dirty house, I never had time to stop and think that this is something special and that it is not always going to be the real life. That the months will pass. Swimming 5 meters from house in the summer will turn into months of winter and sooner or later someone of us will leave. I have to say that I feel nostalgic. And living here just three of us still is good but it feels out of balance.