5 days before back home

After 9 months in Italy, where i lived amazing experiences, i did many activities, thanks to this EVS, sincerly it changed my life, in my opinion EVS experiences are an opportunity for changing your life, and starting a new step as it happened for me.


In this article i will talk about the opportunities that i had it in this project, the first one is the ability to travel from Tunisia to Europe, after that i started to understand the live here, i decided to discover the close cities as Golf of Naples, Sorrento, vico equense, Castellamare, Pompei, Napoli, and Ischia. When i knew well these places i decided to travel a little bit more far, so i started by Rome, i liked it so much, i’ve been there many times, then i organized to do the Italy tour, where i’ve been in Siena, Florence, Bologna, Milano, Venice, Vicenza, and Verona, but my trips they weren’t only in Italy, also i’ve been to Nice, and Paris.


I think if i hadn’t this EVS opportunity i will not travel as i did, because always i have problems with Visa, so thanks to project MARE i saw these beautiful cities without any problems, now i know well Italy, especially Golf of Naples, and Rome, they became as my Home.

Learn to work

With the opportunity of traveling, i had also the opportunity to work in the protected marine area of Punta Campanella, where i learned how to work in a group, also i felt that i am responsible, because we have dates to respect it, objectives to realize it, and a work to finis hit. thanks to this project, i learned how to manage my stress in work.  Also i saw the importance of communication between workers to improve the work, and finding solutions for the problems.


The Italian World

Now i can say that i am able to work in a office without any problems, also with this EVS experience i had the occasion to learn Italian, and speak this language without problems, Project MARE gave me the chance to study italian in a school ( Sorrento Lingue) for one month, where i learned the bases of the language, after this courses i started to practice it with italians, to improve my level, at the sane time i passed some exams, now i have level B2 in Italian, for me i this opportunity to speak a new language it is so important, because it helped me a lot to understand the life here, to meet many persons, also it gave an advantage to find a work.


I finish with another important opportunity, the occasion to meet new friends, thanks to this project i have many italian friends, who helped me to improve my language skills, to know more about the Italian culture, the culture in Campania, the traditions, the traditional music, the typical food, nearly everythings, also thanks to the EVS trainings, i knew many persons from different countries, now i have friends nearly from everywhere like Czech republic, Latvia, Spain, Italy, USA, Australia, Canada, French, Protugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey…

With all this opportunities i was able to keep my habits, like watching football matches, hanging out with my friends, time to relax, to talk with my family, also to go the parties.

Generally, the EVS is a big opportunity, it is a unique experience to change your life and change it.