Roundtrip in the Gulf of Naples

Friday 26th, lunchtime, i start my roundtrip in the Gulf of Naples.

Seagull flying close to our ferry

Sorrento-Napoli-Ischia-Napoli to participate to the NETTUNO BioBlitz. What’s that? wiki can help you to understand!

3 ferry trips – 4 hours of navigation – 2 hours of conference. Was it worth?


Yes it was! Also my trip was a bioblitz, as i met seagulls few meters far from me, passing

under the Vesuvio, crossing the roman ruins of Baia and Gaiola and finally reaching the first Greek colony of the western mediterranean: Pithecusa = Ischia. 


North side of the gulf: from Ischia to the gulf of Pozzuoli

But the best thing was to participate to the meeting helded by some specialist of marine biology that i’m going to present you:

  • Prof. Giancarlo Carrada – or “living fossil” as he likes to name himself. He was my teache of ecology at university (1998-99). His contribution was about how we cannot consider ourselves outfrom the natural processes and the earth ecosystem. “you kids are the ones that can understand me because adults are too compromised!”. As ever he is a provocateur, and he tries to make you understand concepts that are not common, coming from his studies! I just love him.

    Maria Cristina talking with kids during the conference
  • Prof. Maria Cristina Gambi – alias Janis Joplin. She wasn’t my teacher and I first met her on a sailing boat in Piano di Sorrento, playing guitar. She’s working since 33 years ago as a researcher of the Benthic Ecology Laboratory of Ischia. Her contribution for the workshop was about how the new Park management (Marine Protected Area of Ischia and Procida) and the Research Institute where she operates, must work together because they share the same aim: the conservation of the sea.

    A tube sponge capted by one of the divers
  • Guido Villani – the best marine photographer of Naples and surroundings – marine biologist, expert of nudibranchs. He’s the one that is traslating to us the language of marine life. thanks to his photos. He presented the photos done during the bioblitz in Ischia.

Even if each movement you do costs energy and wish of learning, every time it’s a huge enrichment of knowledge, keeping in touch with people that loves the sea as much as you!

Sunset on Monte di Procida