Training in ROME

Since 18th of May we took part in an arrival training, which was held in Rome in OPERA DON CALABRIA  and brought together almost 50 participants doing their EVS all over Italy. This week was an amazing opportunity for us to meet young people coming from different countries, make new friends, improve our Italian knowledge, to understand better objectives of the EVS and explore this fabulous city.



Our adventure started with a small party “buffet” and some activities outdoors to get to know each other followed by outline of weekly plan.










During the training we had an Italian language lessons every day. We were divided into two groups depending on the level of our language skills and the teachers were supportive and very sympathetic. We had also a wide variety of activities including work in groups indoors and outdoors, as well as interesting role games about such topics including our rights and duties during an EVS, how to improve communication and team building skills, tackle issues which we might face and how to deal with them.




On the second day evening we saw an interesting Italian movie explaining the history of the mafia in Sicily comically. The next day we had an excursion where we were guided by the teachers (and even by some of the volunteers) and a free afternoon to explore Rome by ourselves.

On the last day we finished the Italian lesson with karaoke singing all together famous Italian songs.

In the evening there was a final party. We sang karaoke, danced and had a marvelous time.








After the training, we left with unforgettable great memories ! We know more about EVS, we gained new competences: Italian language and history, team work, confidence, intercultural exchange, and good friends that we will meet again! Now it’s time to invest time and effort into our project ! We LOVE Project MARE !