Marine turtle nest at Palinuro

The beauty of this EVS project and what makes it diverse and unique is the fact that every day is different! We know the basic pillars but then we have wonderful surprises that bring unique opportunities and memories to our lives!

This was the case yesterday for Olga! In collaboration with the Marine Turtle Research Center from the Zoological Station Anton Dohrn – Napoli, she went to Palinuro in Cilento to check the temperature of the turtle nest to predict when they should be born. After 3 hours in a car, we came across beautiful places with clear blue water and sandy beaches. We can say with certainty that the turtle had chosen wisely :) Through the use of the temperature measurements and a mathematical formula, it was predicted that the hatching will occur on September 15th!

Coincidentally, we received a call from the nearby Port to say that a marine turtle had been found. Luckily we were close by and we went to the Marina di Camerota. The turtle was about 50cm in length and it was a little lethargic. A child who passed by decided to call her “Sirena”! We put Sirena in the van and returned to the Recovery Center. We noticed that there was plastic in the mouth and now more thorough examinations will be performed!

It was a day filled with new experiences, knowledge and positive attitude! The conservation and protection of these beautiful animals leaves everyone in good spirits! I can not wait to do something with turtles again!