Last MARE per Esplorare 2017 in the center of Massa Lubrense.

Almost 2 months are past filled with environmental activities, presentations and games, with passionate kids always present since the beginning and eager to learn new subjects about “Fishing” !

After all the sessions that we explained the different types of fishing : sportive and professional (locale and industrial), as well as misdemeanor that our oceans and animals suffer from like overfishing and ghostnet. Yesterday 5th September, we introduced another problematic subject “Bycatch” and one alternative “Aquaculture”.

We began with few videos about Tuna and different fishing methods. To refresh their memories and this way they could have a better perspective and understand the fishing industries.

To warm them up we started with an energizer game : 2 groups in line one behind the other. The first give the ball above his head to the person behind him, the second take it and pass it between his feet and so on. At the end, the one who began crawl between his team’s legs to arrive in front the line.

Next, we made a presentation about “Bycatch”. We talked about the problems innocents animals in the sea (turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins, small fishes…) or the air (albatross) are facing. We showed them some solutions we have like fishing net with an escape door for sea turtle or see lime.

We made an “evolution game” to understand the cycle life and introduced the afterward subject “Aquaculture”.

The aquaculture is a production of fish (fish farming), shellfish (shellfish), crustaceans (astaciculture and peneiculture), coral (coral) or algae (algae). It exists in 3 categories : intensive, semi-intensive and extensive. They participated with questions, actions and remarks.

At the end, we played the big “kids favorite” game “Pescatori vs Squali”. They were really happy and exited that we were obliged play a lot of time; we joined the game and have a lots of fun with MARElini.

Before going back home, the kids proposed to play one final game called “wa” and even their parents joined us to play this ultimate game.

We are sad because it was the last session of MARE per Esplorare 2017 in the center of Massa Lubrense, but isn’t the end because we will meet in Gaiola the 24th September.


See you soon ! Filipe, Anis Meli-Sheryam (and Nuria in Croazia)