MARE #6 Revisited: What comes next?

It’s been more than two months since the closure of the last project MARE.
It’s a hard adaptation for us all – to have left that mythical natural land of sirens and sea creatures to fit in the world we chose, whether that be our home, Italy or anywhere else.

It is also impossible for us all, I guess, not to revisit daily the memories of what we lived. In fact, as time goes by we realize the subtle and the deepest changes these 9 months catalyzed in our lives. None of us left easily – How could it be? this was one of the biggest highlights in our stories so far! – so we’re finding ways of sprouting some of the many seeds MARE left in us. We all left with new resolutions for our future and as we rearrange our lives to these new marelini selves we’re spreading the love and teachings we kept from this period together, whether that be erasmus opportunities, volunteering meaning and importance, environment alertness and awareness and last but not the least, our personal progress towards the sea and the land, the animals, the nature, the other, towards ourselves. We grew to the size of a colossus (never mind the pasta, I mean it in a metaphorical way).

Lavoisier gathered (as others) in these timeless words:
Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything changes.

It’s hard to cope with the longings of marelini’s lives. But we also knew from the very beginning, as it is with everything else, it would end one day soon. But we don’t like fatalisms and we don’t stop chasing our ideals – it didn’t end. We carry it with us and we spread it wherever we are, giving it new forms. It’s in us, it’s us.
No one stays the same after Project MARE : we stay better, bigger, hungrier, stronger, more sensible, more aware, more human.
It’s a catalyst of dreams and ideals. We’ll be back for SURE. For now we’re rocking overseas.
That’s it for now, folks!