Hiking in Campania – the Project M.A.R.E. 2019 has started

The 7th edition of Project M.A.R.E. has started this week

As every year, volunteers from different countries came to Massa Lubrense to help in the park of Punta Campanella.
We are:
Alaeddine Said from Tunisia;
Daniels Kļaviņš from Latvia;
Érica Moura from Portugal;
Etienne Hoarau from La Reunion (France);
Laura García from Spain;
Lidija Pribelja from Serbia.

We had our first session together on Thursday (14th March). In this session, we focused on what it means to be a volunteer. The session was meant to help us find out our views about volunteering through an interactive games and discussion. It helped us realize that we have a lot in common. At the end of the game we worked together to find a definition for volunteering.

Volunteering should be done willingly, without expecting something in return. Volunteer should be interested in the work and activities of the organisation, work hard to achieve the best results and grow himself.

Later, we looked at volunteering from two sides: adjectives and values. We represented them in a picture of an iceberg, that has a visible side but also a side that is not shown that easily.

The second day (15th of March) we had a hiking competition (divided in two teams) in which we had to reach the Monte di Torca from the center of Massa Lubrense using clues that we had to find along the way.

Thanks to Andrew and Domenico for organizing the activity and everyone who came to give us a warm welcome!

Both experiences were really useful to show us the importance of being a team, working together and to help us enjoy the beginning of a 9 months journey that is waiting for us. We are excited to continue this adventure.