Cleaning in Ischia

On the 26thand 27thof July the project M.A.R.E. did a visit to Ischia to help in the cleaning of an area near to the Aragonese Castle.

Isola di Ischia is a volcanic island in front of Naples, rich in thermal aquifers, and houses 60,000 residents. This is lesser known than its neighbor Capri, but has unparalleled wealth and beauty.

In this island takes place the Festa a mare agli scogli di Sant’Anna, the most important of the summer festivals that occurs here. This ancient festival follows a tradition that dates back to the 1930’s, when the fishermen of this Napolitan island decorated their boats to go to the church of Sant’Anna. On July 26th, we had the opportunity to watch this incredible and vibrant show from the front row. We watched the parade of boats in the bay of Cartaromana that precede the “simulated” fire of the great Aragonese Castle and at the end we were greeted with a majestic firework display of about 20 minutes. What a show!

On this island there is also a marine protected area, the Area Marina Protetta Regno di Nettuno, where unfortunately, there is a lot of trash. This trash that has been accumulating for a long time. Not out of spite, of course, but perhaps due to a lack of knowledge about pollution and the problems it causes. This is where our mission began… participating in an event organized on the 27thof July by the AMP Regno di Nettuno, with the collaboration of other organizations from the island. Representing the Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanelawe made up the following team: the Direttore Dr. Antonino Miccio, the Dr. Domenico Sgambati (Mimi) and the volunteers Laura, Daniela and Joana. The cleaning began around 10 o’clock in the morning. Laura and Daniela were on the land cleaning with about 15 others, while Mimi and Joana were submerged in the waters in front of the castle to clean the bottom of the sea with 6 more divers.

A total of about 180 kg of rubbish was picked up in just one arduous morning of cleaning, 120 Kg from the sea and 60 Kg from the land. Other kilos remained there, waiting for the next time to be collected from the sea and its shores.

After we concluded the work, we relaxed and socialized together.

At the end, there was still time for the start of another excellent audiovisual production of our Laura, production whose publication is coming soon.

We left at the end of the day with a full heart and with the desire to return and continue this beautiful collaboration. Ce verimm’ aròppo Ischia.