French month, greed month!

There are a Spanish, a Latvian, two Portuguese and two French. This could be the beginning of a joke, but it is not! It’s all the opposite! It is simply the story of an EVS project and its beauty, its richness: diversity and cultural exchange!

With the M.A.R.E. we are lucky to be 6 young people gathered, from 4 different countries, and many different cultures.
Also, now that we are halfway through the project, that we have begun to enjoy and share our different experiences and cultures, it was time to start discovering a little more each countries, dedicating them a whole month to each.
That’s how in July, once a week, we had a French evening!

Quickly, we focused on french gastronomy, maybe a little too much, even if the idea of eating french really liked to the participants and their greed! So, we had the desire to share this quite important side of France.

We started with a french dinner, with the following menu: first course, Galette Bretonne with mushrooms and its salad, then the second was from Réunion with Tony’s Carry, and finally a chocolate Mousse.

And then, we had a Crêpes evening , which could be to France what Pizza evenings are to Italy!

In short, a great time to be with friends and enjoy the food!

But then it was time for the other evenings to leave food and get to know France a little better. For this, with the beautiful company of Ariana, Eve and David, who have already returned to the United States, and to who we send our regards and thanks!, we had a beautiful evening all together, playing a game related to French culture and history.

In the end, we had the desire to talk about nature in France, which has a great biodiversity, especially with its DOM TOM, as Réunion for which one we were more in detail to discover its characteristics. We have also shared on the sensitive subject of the great predators (bear, lynx, wolf) and their management in France!

To close this theme and last French evening, we introduced the great marine explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, before seeing L’Odyssée, a beautiful film that shows his life, all while enjoying the Coussins de Lyon, a specialty of a Lyon’s chocolate factory!

And all this is the cultural months, but in fact the whole EVS project! Friendly time, sharing, new knowledge and joy of living all together!

À la prochaine!
See you!