Project Mare Party

After a very busy summer of work in Ieranto bay, work with schools of Pastena, Torca, Monticchio, and saint Agata, and environmental education for Massa Lubrense children.

Now it is party time, a party to give a big value of our hard work all the last 8 months of the project, so we decided to do a party for our team, and our project.


The weather was excellent, it was a sunny day, sky is blue, a nice day to do a party, with the help of Mimi who invited his friends how have a musical band her name is Batteria pegaonda.

The night before the party, all the teams cooked a typical food from our countries, in the morning everything is ready, at 10:00 AM, Nuria and Elza went from Massa Lubrense by kayak till Meta beach, me and radek we took all the food and materials with us, but we arrived a little bit late because we had problem with traffic cause of a marathon was in the same day as our party, by the help of alba we arrived to the place of the party.


Now all the team in the place of the party !!!, when we arrived we found that the band are already arrived and started to play music and singing, also we found many persons who were curious to know what is the event.

We danced, and singed from 11:30 till the sunset without stop, so nice Brazilian music, in the beach with a sunny day, u can imagine how it is funny !!!, all the persons danced not only our team, at the same time we explained to the people what is our project, and what activities we did in all the 8 months, we talked about the difficulties that we found it in our first period, and how we faced it.


For me it was an amazing event, I felt so nice because after this event more persons knew about our projectand our experience, also it is so nice to see your friend that you met them in the period of the EVS.