Algae and Posidonia lesson!

Some time ago we told you about our First Approach to Algae and Aquatic Plants. Project M.A.R.E. volunteers and some students from Sant’Anna Institute of Sorrento learnt about these organisms trough theoretical lessons, snorkeling and laboratory experience. Now, are the EVS volunteers which help with these lessons!

Because we love new experiences, this time we decided to give the lesson to the American students at Ieranto Bay. FAI provided us the space for the theoretical lesson and, of course, carrying all the material was a nice adventure!

The day started with the walk until Ieranto. It was a really hot day, but the students could enjoy the view and improve their knowledge also about the area. Already in Ieranto, Domenico started with the Posidonia oceanica lesson. The students were interested and curious about to see this plant on its natural environment. So, we decided to go snorkeling. The sea was a bit rough with some waves and not good visibility, however everybody was happy and enjoying a lot the experience!

Walking to Ieranto
Almost arriving…
Posidonia lesson
Some explanations…
Let’s go!
Snorkeling :)
Underwater friends!


Because we want to provide a nice day to the American students, we settled to have a break for lunch with time for talking and resting.

The afternoon started with the laboratory experience. During the snorkeling, the students had the chance to collect some samples of Posidonia oceanica and Algae, so in this task they should analyze Posidonia and identify Algae species. Some people from FAI and Fondalicampania were with us enjoying the learning and everybody could learn a lot and had fun at the same time. The day finished with the Algae theoretical lesson provided by Olga.

Measuring Posidonia oceanica
Checking on microscope
Padina pavonica
Algae lesson
Saying goodbye to Ieranto…

The general feeling was that we could provide a nice day to the students, full of marine biology knowledge and good mood!