MARE17: our first impressions

Before reading the text, maybe this video will help you to understand better who we are!

INDRA, Latvia

When I finally arrived in Sorrento, on the one hand I felt very tired because of the long trip, but on the other – I was so excited about my arrival and glad to meet Domenico in person. I was greeted also by his wife Alba and the little, sweet daughter Silvia. I was the very first volunteer who arrived, but Henrik, the guy from Luxemburg, was on his way to Sorrento too and we had to wait for him for a couple of hours. Meanwhile we went to nearest supermarket to buy some food for both of us and I was a little bit confused about what to buy, because everything was written in Italian. After we met Henrik at the train station, we could finally go to Massa Lubrense to our new home. I couldn’t see much of the surroundings because it was dark and didn’t know what to expect, but when we entered the flat, I was suprised how large and beautiful it is. The house is old, but it has some kind of charm and we have a terrace with a fantastic view of the see!! Unfortunately I was greeted also by a strong northern winds and the flat was also still cold, that’s why I was freezing all the time (oh, what a suprise, ha =D), even taking in account, that the weather here was a complete opposite to Latvia. In the evening before my departure from my hometown it started to snow heavily.

neve casa





HENRIK, Louxembourg

First dinner: Pizza!

Since we were all starving, the best culinary experience in Italy was soon to be delivered: Pizza! And damn it was good. Couldn’t make it a more Italian first evening in Italy if you tried!


Waking up: Lemons, lemons everywhere.

With great views from our hillside flat, the landscape is a gorgeous silver-green and yellow lemon-olive tree painting. No wonder people come here for their holidays…


Meeting the people: the office.

After walking the not so cumbersome 5 minutes to the head office of the park, we were introduced to the present staff. The office itself couldn’t be cooler: a tower! Italian mansion/castle-style. Only downside (or upside…) are the tons of stairs. But who doesn’t like to get even more fit?

Second day: Capri from the sea and sea turtles.

We were quickly introduced to the Mediterranean with a beautiful coastal boat ride to Punta Campanella, the utmost tip of the park. There I got to see my first sea turtle release, with a gorgeous backdrop with Capri in the centre of it. At this point we did not want to test the temperature of the water however, not without 3 layers of wetsuits… In the evening, the two of us were joined by two other volunteers from Portugal. Naturally the received the same warm greeting with wine, food, and fun music lasting well into the night. Needless to say, we were all tired after so many impressions in 48 hours.

OLGA and FILIPE, Portugal

This is it! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for the past weeks. I’m finally going to Italy!! The anxiety reached its peak.

It was Friday, march 10, 00h30, when I just left home to go to Porto to take the plane to Rome. I met Olga at the airport and we got on the plane together after a while. In the late afternoon we arrived at the new home in Massa Lubrense. I was really tired once I spent the past hours traveling, carrying two heavy bags from one place to another (we took 5 transports. Crazy.). Yes, I should have realized before that I won’t need so many things. Indra and Henrik were already there and after some time some friends of Domenico and Alba joined us. We all had dinner with great food, great wine and even live music. What a great reception!

Our first evening here was quite good! Of course we were tired, but everybody was nice with us! We had dinner in our new house with these new people and I felt that maybe I could find here a family for next months. Or were they just trying to impress us? I am joking, I believe they are good-heart people :)


After to have rest a little bit, it was the time to wake up for the reality and think” I am in Italy and I am going to live here next months so… maybe I should buy food”! But, instead of worrying about these details, we decided to go to the beach! It is so good to be surrounded by people who like to live! I felt comfortable but I know that I am that kind of person who needs time to lose shyness…

Me and Olga had the first introduction to the region, receiving  knowledge about some vegetation and the place’s geography among other curiosities. We also had the first physical trainning session by playing football on this beach mostly made up of stones. However, the locals can easily run on it. It hurts just by watching them do it.


And Massa Lubrense? We had time to explore a little bit of the village and I found my favourite flowers! I felt so happy! This should mean something! And of course, a place near from sea and mountain is always an amazing place to live! This reminds me home… And the dogs? They are so cute here! I think I could add more and and and, but… Well, maybe I shouldn’t let my mother read this!…

I particullary liked the small streets made of stone and the proximity between the houses. I could feel a little bit of the place’s atmosphere, which is close of what I’m used in portugal and we kindly call “bairrismo”.

Generally I’m quite amazed about the chilled local lifestyle, the awesome views (which all include the seaJ)and, the last but not the least, the friendly people who welcomed me so warmly.

olive vicoli