Walking trough “Ferriere Valley”

On October 4, Sunday, members of the MARE project went to an event organized by LEA Valle delle Ferriere and the State Forestry Corps (www.corpoforestale.it) to enjoy a day outdoors in the eastern nature reserve – Valle delle Ferriere, Amalfi, (www.valledelleferriere.it) together with a group of Scouts!.


The Natural Reserve “Valle delle Ferriere” has a surface of 450 ha (SA) that starts at 300 m above the sea level and with a maximum altitude of 1203 m (Monte Cervigliano). It occupies a valley situated deep in the Amalfi side of the Sorrento Peninsula.

The day started in the morning, at the information stand of the State Forestry Corps. There we were able to meet and talk to our co-workers with whom we were going to spend the day.


In the beginning, the commander of the corp introduced the forest of the park, the history of it, talking about the more specific types of trees of the place, which we could find along the path such as Bulbifera Felce (Woodwardia radicans), vulgary called “carciofone” among many others. As well as talking about why the zone is called “Valle delle Ferriera” that is the result of an old factory dedicated to the production of iron, thanks to the power of water present in abundance locally.

Il “Cantico delle creature”, poem of Francisco de Asis and recited by Alba was the beginning of the walk! Throughout the way, we were all the time talking and walking with the experts of the park – colleagues who better know the richness of the place and the botanical species, which were used in the iron industry, etc.


Undoubtedly, the place – a valley between the mountains together with the rivers is in fact humid enough to form a microclimate area with very good conditions for development of life, therefore the biodiversity is very high. It is a place to admire, respect and go to with nature lovers. It is a sanctuary of life.


After contemplating the jewel of the park, the big waterfall, we came back to eat a snack between trees next to a beautiful river, where the sound of water made that piece of bread with ham and tomato so much more delicious!

The day was very enriching from a naturalistic point of view as well as a human one – the people with whom we shared the day were very nice with us.Thank you for the opportunity to spend the day together in a special place!