Tomato sauce – L’estate è “passata”!

On Tuesday the 14th me and Dani went to do the mythical tomato sauce with Alba. Five big boxes of tomatoes from the trustworthy neighbor that grows them in the old fashioned way, 25kg each. 125kg of tomatoes! Oh yeah!

How did we manage it?
We got a big bucket, cleaned all tomatoes one by one to make sure that we’ve cleaned out from them all dust and natural bug repellent. Cleansed the tomatoes we’ve collected all the big buckets from the house and we’ve put the tomatoes on them. Then we’ve hunted for all the glass bottles we could find: beer, wine, beans, sauces – from the garage, the uncle, friends, the grandmother: (almost) everything is good to go, to buy them sometimes too. Cleaned, put on the hoven, disinfected checked! Time to seat down around the tomatoes  and empty buckets.

One by one, we have cut them in four to see if there was something not good inside them. As we talked I did my calculations: every box had more or less 200 tomatoes… and we did them all in one day! Amazing! Blood, sweat and loads of laughter and chitchat: I cut myself on the knee, Dani his finger, Alba the master was OK!, we didn’t sweat but it rained dogs and cats so we were wet… waterlogged. Cut all the holy tomatoes we went for the baking: tomatoes pot on the way, red everywhere. Calm down, you need more than one hour to make them cook to the right point and we needed to do three bakes like that… we’ve finished it after midnight but we’ve done it.

Squeezing machine assembled, table ready, pots and pots of “passata”, funnels and scoops, plus the help of the kids, Mimì on fire and the three of us on the red fight, 100 bottles we managed to make. Lunch? Tomato salad. Dinner? Tomato macaroni. Sleep? With tomato dreams.

Now, until December we all eat tomato food and nothing else.