To Oliver


I’ve been living here now for more than a month- and still didnt write anything about the cutest, most lovely creature I live with, I talk about everyday and talk to everyday, and I couldn‘t live without. My biggest love and passion, my everything.

I cannot imagine how life can go on when I’ll be back in Germany and I won‘t be able to see him anymore, won‘t be able to touch him anymore. He‘s the one I live for. He’s the one I would die for.

And I think maybe I should stay here. For the one I fell in love with at first sight, for him.

Tre caniThe one I am talking about is Oliver.

And He‘s a dog. But what does this matter when you are in love?

When he bites me, I know he’s just hurting me to let me notice how important he is to me.

When he barks loudly, I know it’s his courtship.

When he’s running like crazy and jumping on me, I know it’s just the joy to see me.Amore

Oliver ist he one I’ve always dreamed of and now this dream came true. Every word is too weak to explain how that makes me feel.