The finale party in Monticchio


November of “A Sea to Explore” classes is finished. All four of us, in collaboration with our colleagues from then Marine Park, held classes in Pastena, Torca, Sant’Agata and Monticchio, as I wrote about it here. With classes finished it was time for a party and evaluation to see what kids had learned. We started with Monticchio where the task for the children that we held classes with was to retell to other children about what they had learned. Then we divided into 4 groups, the park, sandy bottom, rock bottom and water column and helped the kids to recall and find a simple way to retell about what they had learned.

A group of two girls, which I was responsible for, prepared to repeat a park´s map and differentiation of the three zones. The girls familiarized their classmates with number of the zones, their location and with the different rules valid within inside of them. The girls successfully explained  that fishing legally depends on permission and  boats can enter in the Marine park depending on their size.

img_0742Nuria: I was in charge of water column. The children already knew a lot of things after the marine biology classes and they did a presentation. I supported the presentation with some photos of plankton which maybe was the most difficult part for them to understand. Also I helped with the planet globe to see how much of the planet consists of water. Together we did a lovely presentation with this theme that we repeated we different classes. In the end of the presentation we did a game to see if the rest of the children understood which is the part of plankton and which. Now we are the experts of the water column!

Akrem: For the Posidonia team they did beautiful drawings of Posidonia and the organisms that live on it. They also prepared a presentation and spoke about the importance of this plant and how it produces oxygen for the fishes. Also how it is the place for nourishment for many animals, like starfishes, Mediterranean moray, seahorses, shrimps etc. They also explained morphology of Posidonia and how the photosynthesis produce oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. I liked their work a lot and in their presentation they were simply amazing!


In general, it was interesting  to see what we taught to the children and how they were able to present all of it, because they did it very well and seemed as if they studied it for 24 hours a day. In the end we said goodbye and wished them to continue being this clever all of their lives.