EVS Mid-term training

After one week from the 20th anniversary of EVS, we had the chance to participate in the EVS mid-term training in Civitavecchia, with other volunteers from different EVS projects in all Italy.

I ( akrem), and all the team we’re ready to meet new persons, to know more about the other EVS projects, we left the house so early to arrive in Civitavecchia, the adventure started, when we arrived to the train station, where we found the other volunteers are waiting the bus to reach the place of the Training, from this moment we started to know the other volunteers.


Finally, we’re arrived to the place, it is so nice, a nice place to relax, near of the sea, and in a very calm place, with many persons from different countries, persons have different cultures, also from different projects, after a lunch all together, we started by Ice Break activities, with the time and after every game I discover that I’m with very nice, and funny persons.

With the two trainers, Lorenzo, and Davide, all the activities were so nice, with the of humor that they have it, all the activities were so nice, after the activities we had free night, so we decided to profit it to know each other’s more.

When we talked to each other’s, I felt that we met many years ago, not only one day ago, we spoke nearly about everything, we talked about many topics like how we found the opportunity to have the EVS adventure, about our hobbies, our future plans, etc….


The second day, was so funny, because we did theatral shows, to show the perfect EVS for the volunteers, we presented many funny things that nearly all the volunteers did it, and lived it. Also we did an activity her name is “L’Italia che conosco”, in this activity every teams has a topic, there are 5 topics. The first one, about love in Italy, second one, about work in Italy, third one, about Italian food, Fourth one, the family in Italia, and the last one, about the Italian society, We presented every topic as a little show.

We did also some technical activities, I think this type of activities are so important, for example the method of the logical matrix, this technic it helps to prepare projects, and fix clear objective, indicators, and an efficient work plan.


Also the last day was funny, we did a nice activity as a fashion show, but we show the opposite of our personalities, after this activity we did a technical session, it was about the youth pass, in this activity we knew what is the youth pass, how this document can help us to get job, and how it valuate our EVS experience, for me it was so important to know this, because with the youth pass I will have an advantage to find work in my country or in Europe, also we did in pairs like a job interview to have an idea how to present our competences for the employers.

In the end of the day, we did the evaluation of the training, and after the dinner we organized a little party together for fun, and to salute each other’s.

Generally I liked so much the training, I met new persons, I had new friends from different countries, also I want to thank the trainers, they are great, and I hope that I can see again all the persons that I met then in the arrival, and mid-term training.