20th anniversary of EVS

After 20 years of EVS projects in all Europe, and the big success of this project financed by Erasmus+.

The national agency of youngs organized the 20th anniversary of EVS in MAXXI Museum in Rome, with the participation of many volunteers who are doing their EVS, also Ex volunteers who already did their EVS.

All the team of Project MARE are ready for this events, we went early in Rome to participate in this important event, when we arrived to the museum, we found a lot of persons who went there, also I found many friends I knew them from other EVS projects situated in different posts in Italy, Like Rome, Florence, Vicenza, etc…


For me it was so nice to see my friends again and we talked about our projects, and our future plans.

So at 11:00 the event started, with a speech for director of national agency of youngs, this agency is responsible of management and coordination of all associations who has EVS projects in his speech he showed how EVS projects, are the best project of Erasmus+ projects, and  how this project had many positive influences on society, associations, and volunteers.

The second intervention, was from the director of MAXXI museum, and he talked about the importance of this experience on people, and the advantage of the EVS on young people, in the same speech the president of the national agency of youngs, gave us some important statics, after asking 500 ex volunteers, the question was “ what did you learned from EVS?”

The result was 70% said they learned a new language, 80% said the improved their competence of communication, and other 80% said that they discovered a new culture, and new places.


The fourth intervention, was from the part of a film producer, and he gave advices to how record and share our best experiences of our EVS.

And the last intervention was from the creator of Erasmus+ project, she spoke about her experience of her Fulbright scholarship, and she showed us how she learned a lot of things for this experience, generally liked all the interventions, they were all interesting.

Also the ex-volunteers they prepared something to present it, it was 5 theatral shows, and in everyone they showed us the challenges that they faced in their EVS, they were so funny