Salone dell’Orientamento – experience in giving and receiving

On Friday 13.11. , we were part of nice event, where we had chance to talk about our Project MARE as an example of EVS in practical way. This thing has been big part in the formation 10 Salone dell’Orientamento, Reggio di Calabria (

per blog1This training works as national exhibition dedicated to education, training and guidance for young people.

We made topic ,, Europe speaks to young people – EVS “. This was dividing into 3 parts. First talked Fabiana di Carlo, Accreditation and Evaluation Coordinator in the National Agency for Youth  ( She spoke about EVS in general.

After we told our experience, as foreigners in EVS in Italy. Our story as an example in reality. We talked how to search for EVS, where to search, the advice to be accepted in EVS, what we do in our Project MARE.

per blog2The last spoke Francesco, italian boy, who did EVS in Romania, as an example ,, Italians the part of EVS in the world. ”
Training has been fantastic! Youngs were happy and active in colaboration in our story, because we made small activity in the beginning for fun and for concentration.

Also we spoke to local radio Radio Touring 104 ( How lucky we are! :-)

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We are happy to be part of!
Thanks Fabia, Giuglia Serrano, who took care of us!

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For you, our advice how to apply for EVS.