Project M.A.R.E. and the media

Project M.A.R.E. starts to become really famous! This small child conceived three years ago thanks to the awesome persons who made it happen, year after year makes its way through the complicated world of communication. We have our Facebook page, blog, beautiful posters, newspapers. Our project had several moments of fame, e.g., appearance in RAI TV and in the newspaper “Comunicare il sociale”. Recently we were visited by a journalist from MTV Italy in Milan.

It was a day to explain to our visitor the things we do daily in project M.A.R.E.: the work in Ieranto, monitoring on land and in the sea, the cleaning of beaches, giving information to boats and visitors etc.con mimi

This day the journalist filmed the activities we do in the kayaks and the park’s boat. A brief interview with the project coordinator and the director of the park, and with two of us volunteers (Marion and Joaquin). In this short interview the journalist asked things about the Bay of Ieranto, our project, our work and specific questions such as … Why is the Posidonia so important?. We also had time to talk about one of the most important aspects of the project – the environmental education with the children, where we worked etc.

Our ride with the boat to the bay was quiet. The colleagues who were working in Ieranto (Francis, Imen, Antonia, Kristaps and Andris) were excellent, especially in the communication aspect! Incredible!

conellosThen we went to the office to give the journalist more information about our work. The journalist seemed more interested to talk about the EVS experience, what it means for us, what is leading us, what we think of living in a foreign country for a long period of time etc. Project M.A.R.E. was not the central topic, but personally, for me and my partner the two (M.A.R.E. and EVS) go together.con periodistaBecause in fact everything goes together, everything is relative. This project takes place in Southern Italy, near Naples – an area with one of the richest cultures in Europe (could be in the world), and every day the life here is an experience that needs to be showed and should be remembered. At least this is what we think and what we hope we have expressed today with the visit of the journalist.