Project MARE 2017 ! See you soon

Friday 1st December 2017, we had a party to close the EVS project 2017 with some students and locals.


To explain what is our project and what we did during these last 9 months, in the library of Piano di Sorrento, we had 4 stands :

  • Marine park of Area Marina Protetta di Punta Campanella
  • Ieranto Bay
  • Mare per Esplorare (Environmental Education) 
  • Marine Biology

The morning, 30 students and their teacher arrived to discover our activities. We made a final presentation of us, and talked about something that we liked during this EVS.

We included an activity about EVS where they could create a short or long project to do it in Sorrento.


For the lunch, we went to Mimi’s house, where Alba cooked a great meal for us. It was really good ! All vegetarian ;)


The afternoon we came back to the library to meet the ones interested in our event.

Each of us cooked some traditionnal meals from his country

  • Filipe and Olga (Portugal) cooked a pineapple apple pen cake.
  • Indra (Latvia) cooked a vegan pumpenuppking cake.
  • Anis (Tunisia) cooked bricks (potatoes / tuuuunaaaaa).
  • Meli-Sheryam (Reunion Island) cooked samoussas (cheese / tuuuuunaaaa).
  • Henrik (Luxemburg) cooked a salad (apple, mayonnaise) with meat baaaallls.

 We had less visitors than we expected (could be because of the match of Napoli vs Juve o the bad weather).

Fortunately it was an opportunity to meet all the people and friends that we met throughout the whole project. It was like meeting field with wonderful memories joy and good byes.


Thank you AMP of Punta Campanella, Domenico Sgambati, his family and friends who supported usduring the time of the project.


<3 MARE 2017 MARE 2017 MARE 2017 MARE 2017 MARE 2017 MARE 2017 <3