The Portuguese dinner!

As you know, an EVS is also an intercultural exchange! We are from 5 different countries (France, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal and Tunisia) and, despite we are in Italy and we want to learn and adapt ourselves as much as we can to the Italian culture, we also like and want to share ours! For that, each month was one of our countries! Portugal was the last one and I (Olga) and Filipe have decided to do a Portuguese dinner! Of course that means a full table, a table full of people and full of food!


Family is one of the most important things for Portuguese people so we couldn’t do our dinner without our new family! We had to find a solution for putting all the people in our dining room and we had to cook for the entire day, but everything worth it! After 9 months they are our family here and having everybody together at home is what makes me and Filipe happy!

The menu was:

Appetizer: 5 different kinds of chouriço, stuffed bread in the oven, butter, olives, grated carrot with olive oil and tomato pate

Main dish: Bacalhau à Braz (cod) and Alho-Francês à Braz (leek)

Desert: fruit salad and pineapple cake

Drinks: white and red wine, Porto‘s wine and Beirão liquor


We also heard some Fado (Portuguese music that is UNESCO world heritage) and we explained a little bit of our history! And because Christmas is in one month and we are going home in two weeks, we also have decided to celebrate Christmas at the same time! We exchanged gifts, played also Italian music and celebrate this family that we build here!


Saudade is the Portuguese word that is not possible to translate to other languages… I think in a while everybody is going to start feeling saudades… 


Obrigada por tudo! E viva Portugal, caralho!