The new generation of The Project M.A.R.E. has arrived! We are 6 volunteers from different European countries: Latvia, Portugal, Spain and France. And we want to tell you our first impressions about this project

Hi! I’m Dani, the Spanish guy of this AMAZING Project. So, I’d like to tell how my first days were going.  In these weeks we have started the training part of the Project M.A.R.E. and I must say that it wasn’t like I imagined it, It’s MUCH BETTER. The adventure started with a really good reception from Antoine and Laura, they cooked for us really good vegetarian dishes.  The first weeks have been so intense: we’ve discovered Ieranto Bay, started the Italian course and doing different activities for knowing better the park and the organization. After these 20 days, I must to say that I’m so happy because we haven’t only created a work group but also a great family!!

Here I am in Italy! My first time here and this is promising! As soon as I arrived to Sorrento I was warmly welcomed by the coordinator of M.A.R.E. project , Domenico, and his family. Then we went to Massa Lubrense, to my new home, where my fellows and friends of the next 9 months awaited us with open arms. Here we had a very typical italian dinner with delicious pizzas and lots of fun! In the following days we explored a bit the area marina protetta di Punta Campanella, we talked about volunteer work and communication. We also discussed ideas and we started the Italian classes. Meanwhile, we also had the opportunity to walk through this wonderful place, either on hot days, cold days, in the rain and, imagine, in the snow. So far so good! I am loving the experience and it seems to me that it will be a project with lots of really interesting adventures and activities.

I was really surprised by the the beauty of the peninsula. Domenico, Simona and Francesco are so so great wich make me really happy and looking forward to work with them. For now our training has been very enriching, our morning language lessons in Sorrento are done with a nice ambiance and by great teachers. I can’t wait to start working on site.

In three weeks, we managed to explore a lot of new and different things! But an octopus has only eight tentacles… So don’t forget to enjoy: meeting nice people; teamwork (brainstorming!); and especially friendly and family spirit! Anyways, enjoying Project M.A.R.E. 2018 !I am impatient to continue and do more!

I’ve been following project M.A.R.E on social media since the day one and I have to say it’s a lot more than I expected. 
The first month of the project we are building pillars of knowledge. It has been one month since we are attending St.Anna language school every working day. The studies are pretty intense but I can feel improvements from the first day.  The school is located in Sorrento which means we have to take a morning bus to attend Italian classes. Professors are nice and friendly which makes the study process enjoyable. It’s important to know the language because our further work will involve communication with locals and tourists.
The second pillar is the cultural exchange.  Since the day one our leader Domenico introduced us to the importance of sharing different traditions, experiences and knowledge. We had a nice opportunity to share stories of our cultures and national foods with local students. 
The third pillar is knowledge about the park and marine protected areas. We visited our future workplace – Punta Campanella – to understand better why it’s so important to take care of this area. The place is very beautiful and it’s almost impossible to understand the landscape of the park until you take different paths to discover the many levels of the Punta Campanella. There are caves and stiff cliffs, there are long paths up and down the hills. Everywhere you turn your eyes you see islands, blue waters and white waves playing in the sea. The place is magnificent.  And then final pillar is based on teamwork and communication. We are talking a lot about the ways of communication. I liked how director of the park said – if you want to share something with people, you have to know twice as more as you can say. We are preparing ourselves to spread awareness of our work and hopefully finding the best way to let people hear our message. 
I’m happy to be here and more than excited for the future activities in project M.A.R.E.

Entering for the first time in the peninsula was like giving my first steps in a natural world unknown to me. No matter where you look there is natural wonder: cracked cliffs of sedimentary rock of mighty height and declination, beautiful Mediterranean flora as far as the eye can see, limitless sky and sea sparkled with cotton clouds and boats of all types. The houses one finds are built in a medieval style, of different measures and colors, clumsily packed together. One wonders through rock paved streets of all colors and non symmetrical squares. Every now and then the perfumes of aromatics and fresh legumes sparkle the air with one of the many marvel of Italian cuisine. Sacred art is everywhere for the observing eye and overwhelming churches with unique domes are seen from far away. Its people speak a southern dialect incomprehensible for an outsider. It is a world for itself, an idilical paradise at the verge of the Tirrenian sea, the last richful inches of the neapolitan/campanian mainland.

Inevitably, as one gets aware of all of Sorrento’s precious elements, a big part of oneself wouldn’t mind at all to live in this way forever and a day.It was in this state of awe I found myself in the first week. And from then on I am realizing all of its iniciatives and community engagements, which makes me even more motivated. It is a project that scores great achievements and it keeps having great potential. I feel very happy for having an opportunity to make part of it and I do believe I will learn and give more than my initial expectations.