Environmental Education.

Now that we are in the cold weather, Ieranto, the hard work and all the fun is done over there. But we started the second round of the Environmental Education and it became our main activity because of the cold weather.

Working with kids is not as easy as it may sound, because it’s important for us to know how children learn rather than ask how to “Teach “children. so we try to make them see and involve them in the activities in a friendly way and games mainly. Also videos when needed.

This Monday we went to a School in Massa Lubrense we were 2 teams of 3. Each team gave a lesson about the Sea turtles for 1 class consisted of 20 boys and girls that are aged between 9 and 10.

We started with presenting our selves to them then we did a small game to make wake them up and to get them to feel more comfortable with our presence because we are not Teachers. IMG_7553Then we did an activity about the difference between the Sea turtle and the land turtle it was about making them draw, color the 2 turtles and notice the obvious differences between them rather than just talking about it in the normal teaching way. IMG_7556After finishing the construction of the turtles we took the sea turtle and talked in an active circle about the unseen differences and the importance of the role of the sea turtle in the sea community. IMG_7571After knowing the importance of the sea turtles we’ve done a game to make them see what are the things that are threatening the turtles in the sea. Then we talked about how does the human activities affect also and how to try to stop this using a small presentation.IMG_7581 Our interest in this experience stems from our feeling and realization that there is lack of knowledge about the Sea turtles and the fact that we believe that the kids are the future that needs a good values to grow on. we believe the kids will learn a lot from this experience, approaches, practices and we will help them to expand their horizon and enhance their tools.