Our «On arrival Training» !

On the 25th of July we went to Orte for the On Arrival Training, a formation to talk about our form of volontary : EVS (European Voluntary Service). We left the house early that day for arriving here in the afternoon.


We had lunch and after we got divided into 2 groups. We tried to get to know each others names but it was hard because of 60 people from all around Europe !

We were tired of the travel that day so we rested before dinner and after that nothing special happened because no one really knew the other. The next day early morning breakfast, and after some activities to wake up. At 9 the Italian class started I had a lovely teacher, I really enjoyed the classes. It wasn’t new information for me, but it was good to refresh my knowledge.

After the Italian class was lunch, most of the days we had pasta, but it was good. after lunch we started activities, It was okay, but intensive. After activities was the dinner, sometimes we had some activities to do after dinner but it wasn’t that long. After the dinner always begins the fun part where we all see each other and talk to each other. It was very interesting and important to know where all the other volunteers work in Italy. Now we have friends all over Italy and if we want to visit some place we surely have someone to contact there.

The fourth day we had a free afternoon so after the Italian class we went to Bagnaia, a very very beautiful place. On the 5th and the 6th day we were working on some kind of interview we need to do to met the people of Viterbo. Our topic was about the Young people in Viterbo, we went out looking for some one to ask, it was nice experience.


For me the best thing happened in this training was us meeting others. No words can explain how much fun I had in that training. I will surely miss everyone but specialy the Spanish people I met. But for sure will visit them all around italy.

We already received the first group, waiting for the others ;)