A Sea to Explore

“A Sea to Explore” is an environmental educational project organised by the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella and done by the volunteers of Project M.A.R.E. and the workers from the Marine Park.

The goal of this project, started in 2014 and still active today, is to bring children and youngsters closer to nature and share with them information and curiosities about the marine environment around them.

When school is over, it’s time to go outside, play and learn. For this reason, “A SEA to explore” aims to talk about the sea and marine conservation in an informal but equally educational way, with the aim of learning by playing in an open space. All meetings take place in the central square of Massa Lubrense, once a week during the months of July and August. In more than one of these meetings we also made excursions with children. The excursions take place throughout the day in places where nature is the protagonist: such as the Bay of Ieranto, the Fiordo di Crapolla, the Cala di Mitigliano…

In autumn we go to schools (both with children and middle school students), and even the project becomes more formal as they take place inside the school, there are also excursions and activities outside (Marina della Lobra, Puolo, Ieranto …). We continue with the lessons, games and activities related with the marine conservation.

Here you can see some videos about the editions from lasts years.