Meet FAI volunteers !

This summer and for the first time in Ieranto, FAI receives volunteers ! From 18 to 25 years old, every week a group of 8 volunteers from all around Italy disembark !

Their work is varied : help Paolo in the garden, be at the beggining of the path to welcome tourist and give information about FAI and the bay of Ieranto, but as well be with us in the Infopoint down of the bay. It is really beautiful to be more volunteers in this place. And we can also work on our italian ;)


Every Wednesday, we spend the afternoon together. We had worked on a presentation to explain the concept of « marine protected area », to show our beautiful biodiversity but also her threats with humans activities. After that, we present our form of voluntary  – EVS – for maybe giving them the chance to make one in an other country !


After the theory in the room on the Infopoint, we can’t resist to the call of the SEA, and we all go together on kayac ! We put the life jacket, make a quick explanation about the used of the paddle and let’s goooo.


In kayac, we make the tour of the bay explaining as well how we make our monitorring (meet and talk with boats enterred illegaly in the bay, how we take temperature & visibility of the sea, etc).


This days are really interresting, full of smiles, but as well we feel some anxiosity for the responsability that gives us our parc to represent him and to organise a kayac tour by ourselves, but it is really formative. We are really greatfull for this opportunity.

This week is the last one with this project, but we keep great remembers. There were in total more or less 35 youth from all around Italy, such a nice experience !

See you soon in Ieranto !