New life from the ashes

On Tuesday, November 17, we have collaborated with Claudio, WWF, to plant some trees near the San Costanzo’s church. but why?20151117_121310_resizedFirst of all we must introduce the topic, it is simple.Because of scase rains during the last summer, heat and inattention, the pine forest near the church of San Costanzo suffered a fire, losing several trees with its consequent damages and environmental impact changing the landscape of the mountain.

Like tree lovers we lost so many pines and friends! B ut one problem about the pines is that the pine has not the power to sprout after a fire as others lical species have (like Quercus, myrtle, etc.). Today, in situ, we saw how totally coniferous species have died because of the fire, while the other species that suffer the same fire began to sprout from the root. Amazing!

20151117_121534_resized Because of this, we made a repopulation of individuals Lygustrum japonicum, Quercus ilex, Quercus pubescens and Quercus cerris, all adapted to the Mediterranean climate conditions and the last three premises. These species are typical of the area, are evergreen and have better defenses against fire, then they survive better after a disaster of these features, so they are a good choice for this type of places.

In total we planted 16 species, including 10 Q. ilex, Q. pubescens and Q. cerris, we planted in ahead of the church, to the right, separating some meters the new trees we planted of some pine trees that were still alive around the church of San Costanzo.

Sin nombreWe were good partner, good team, so we finished the work in advance, we talked about botany, birds and insects and also we have given our small contribution to the environment.20151117_131835_resizedHopefully trees grow big and strong! The rains of recent days are sure to help!