We made new friends! Here is their presentation:  foto(8)Fondalicampania is a cultural nonprofit association, free and independent, which operates in Campania Region for development, protection and safeguarding of the marine and coastal habitat in Campania.

Our idea of development intends to implement a plan of promotion of the marine and coastal environment, through Videorecensioni, interviews, events and projects that are intended to raise public awareness on environmental issues related to protection of marine fauna and flora, as well as to stimulate tourism and the inhabitants of Campania for a better and more complete understanding of the marine and coastal heritage of our land.

All members are constantly engaging themselves by cleaning the seabed and beaches to protect and preserve the environmental heritage. The service is the result of spontaneous availability of the members who passionately use personal resources in order to achieve this noble goal.

To make these principles grow and develop again and again we need your help and your continued cooperation. Fondalicampania was born from a great passion for the sea and the beauty the coast of Campania has to offer.

Become a member of Fondalicampania, your contribution is important! By enrolling in “fondalicampania”, you will become a part of a big family that already has a significant number of members. Together we can continue to be “proud of our sea.”
fondalicampania chi siamo fotoAn event that you can’t miss:
Fondalicampania con “IL MIO MARE”
The photo exhibition takes place from 1st to 8th of December 2015 in Villa Bruno in San Giorgio a Cremano! We could also meet there because we will go for sure!
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Their article about Meta, where we live, that we really like!!