Laboratory 5: The Crustacean

Like Every Monday, all project mare team is ready for a new marine laboratory, for this week we chose as a topic the crustacean, a very interesting topic.


We prepared games for them as usual, and we started at 18:00, we gave them pictures to color it, every week they draw beautiful pictures, every week I like their pictures more and more

The first game was about skeleton of crustacean, and how it is out of their skin, Second Game we showed them how they move, and they eat, and they imitate the crustacean, they were so funny and dynamic.


In the third game, we showed them how they change their skin every period, so we considered t shirts as skin and they started to change the t shirts, like crustacean change their skins .

Finally, we read their stories and we chose the best one, to give the writer an award