Marine laboratory 6 : The Fish

After 5 marine laboratory about 5 different family of sea animals, we chose fish as a topic for the last marine laboratory

Like every Monday, we prepared all the necessary material for the workshop with children and we started as usual at 18:00 in center of Massa Lubrense.


In the first game children did the fishing as fisherman , so they took the fish from the water to another place and the objective of this game was showing them how fishing is bad for the eco system and biodiversity.

In the second game -so funny- children did a line and everyone had bowl and he or she had to put the water in the bowl of another person without looking behind him or her.


The third game race on a path with obstacles children had to take food and returned to the first point of path. The objective of this game was to show them how fish find difficulties to take food in the sea because there is a lot of dangers for them when they search food.


In the end as every Monday we read all the children´s stories and we gave to the writer of the best story an award.