Crapolla Excursion

After 4 marine laboratories and one excursion in Ieranto we organized another excursion to Crappola. We have 21 participants with their parents, good weather, sunny and everybody motivated to discover the new place.


After the last time in Ieranto all the children were ready for a new adventure! We did a trekking from Saint Agata to Crappola and we saw a lot of beautiful views, mountain, sea, trees…

When we arrived to Crappola, we started to clean the beach. Later we started a little party and we used some types of rubbish (plastic , wood , rocks…) like instruments, to play an amazing music together with the parents. It was an amazing party.


After the party we had lunch all together near to the beach and at the same time we found a boat so we took it and did tours with the children! Surely they enjoyed every moment of the tour!

After lunch, a boat arrived to take us to Massa Lubrense. We were so happy together in the middle of the sea.

Finally, we arrived to Massa Lubrense and everybody was ready for the big game of treasures. They were so excited and motivated, especially because all of them wanted to win the treasure so we prepared a lot of funny games for them. There were four teams composed of five people together with one of the project MARE members. We ran, we laughed, we lived a very funny moments together