A secret!

We want to share a secret with you… A secret how to make a real (oven baked and fried) Neapolitan pizza :) Basic ingredients and some patience is all you need!

Let’s get started:

Prepare the products: flour, oil, yeast, salt, water.
Make a mountain of the flour.
The hardest part of the recipe – make the mountain into a volcano using your finger. Do this very carefully with slowly, circular motions.
Fill the volcano crater with some water.
Do the same thing for the gluten-free version, if need be.
Add a pinch of salt.
Take the fresh yeast, split it up in to smaller pieces and place it in the crater. For one regular flour volcano take approximately half of the pack, for the gluten-free you’ll need a bit more. It will be enough for two pizzas. Add a small amount of oil.
And don’t eat all the remaining yeast =D Better save it in the fridge for the next time ;)
Slowly start to mix all the ingredients together until it turns into homogeneous mass. This is a very important step. Put all of your love into kneading the dough.
In the end make a ball, it should look like this =P
Take a bowl or a pot, sprinkle a little bit of flour on the bottom, put the dough ball into the bowl.
Cut a cross (but don’t separate into pieces).
Cover it with a towel and let it rise for a couple of hours. If the bowl is transparent, cover it totally, to protect it from direct sunlight.
Meanwhile you can entertain yourself in some way, for example… you can prepare some of your pizza toppings :)
For example, you can do this while listening to mood-appropriate music and swinging your hips in rhythm, as we did…
We made two different sauces: the first for the oven baked pizza…
…the second for the fried one.
Vegans shouldn’t feel deprived. There are a lot of variations of typical italian veggies you could use instead of mozzarella, like fried eggplant :)
When the dough has raised, you can start cooking the pizza. Sprinkle some flour on the cooking surface, place the dough ball on the surface and form the base of the pizza, it has to be flattened out thinly. Put the topping you prefer on the pizza and place it in the oven (previously heated up to 180-200ºC) and…enjoy!
For the fried pizza prepare the pizza base in the same way and divide it into two parts. Heat up oil in a deep pan (you can check if the temperature is high enough by sprinkling a pinch of flour into it). While one side of the pizza dough is cooking, also pour some oil over the top of it using a spoon. When it starts to become golden-yellow, turn the pizza around and fry till fully cooked. Thereafter you merely have to put a good amount of tomato sauce on the top and, if you wish, sprinkle it with parmesan. Ready to eat!