First beach clean-up of the season in CRAPOLLA!

Friday 24th of March was beach cleaning day, we had a great adventure and an amazing day as expected from project MARE.

After the daily Italian class, we got together with Domenico, Francesca, Francesco, and his lovely dog Machio in Sant’Agata. We had lunch together and then we started the big adventure.

Our mission was to clean the beach of Crapolla and to learn about the history of the place, but also to enjoy ourselves. It is 1h on foot from Torca to the beach. To reach it, we go down more than 700 steps, than the beauty of the flowery site leads to forget us. The road was steep and hilly, the view was magnificient, you can enjoy all the greenery, different types of trees and animals (green lizards, tadpole, falcons..)17554854_10213104824963667_103081494_n

Crapolla is a natural fjord in the area of Torca, a frazione of Massa Lubrense in the province of Naples, Italy.Since roman times, the place has been used as a natural harbour and featured five freshwater cisterns which were supplied from the mountains.

Now it is more or less abandoned with only fishermen-owned buildings which are used for temporary storage. (The imprint of the antique Roman house still present).

Also, near the site there used to be a convent which is now completely abandonned and in ruins. Each 29th of june (St. Peter and Paul) the locals hold a march, to celebrate the holiday. It is also rumored that it used to be a site for an appollonian temple but no trace of that exists today. You can find St. Peter shrine (XIth century) half way.

Once arrived to the beach which was calm and pleasant. The waves collide with the pebbles which furnish her. Unfortunately there were trash all over this beautiful panorama, from plastic, metal, rubbish…

During the afternoon we took pleasure to make a good deed : embellish the beach and protect our planet of this waste which can stay until 1 000 years in the nature for the plastic bottles or even 5 000 years for the glass.
17521853_10213104817283475_855511085_oYou can see the tables below what we have collected : recyclable waste and indifferentiable!

PLATIC – Bottles 164 – glasses 4 – top 2 – styrofoam 1500 pieces

METAL – 140 pieces

GLASS – Bottles 15

INDIFFERENTE – Pieces 1200 – tissues 60 – rope 12 – shoes 3

Total : 8 bags recyclables + 2 bags indifferents

Delighted to see all these piled bags and finally we have a clean beach ! We can appreciate it even more, and share it with everyone.

The wayback was magic with the wonderful view of the sunset. We are eager to return to the fascinating Crapolla. see our facebook gallery!!


…and AFTER