Kayak camping in Crapolla

One of the nice things about Project MARE is that we are always carrying out diverse tasks. The latest activity was a new experience for all the volunteers. We got the chance to spend 2 days adventuring in the outdoors coming into contact with nature, enjoying the smell of the sea, flowers in the mountains and also birdsong. Notably, of course, a night sky full of stars on CRAPOLLA’s beach was included!

We met up in Marina Del Cantone early in the morning with Francesco, Nuria and Davide.

The weather wasn’t that great, with clouds and rain, but we decided to go for it anyway, and seize day and enjoy the journey.

We started the trip with a fairly easy bit of kayaking, flanked on either side by beautiful cliffs and magical small islands. We had the opportunity for bird watching (falcons and seagulls) and also cave exploration, naturally with good company along the way.

We arrived at lunchtime, some of us enjoyed a quick nap while others took the kayaks for a small tour in the vicinity of Tordigliano beach.

Before nightfall, we explored the area around Crapolla beach and collected firewood.

We started a camp and we had an amazing dinner full of good conversation. After, the entertainment continued with amusing games in the moonlight.

The next morning, we woke up to a sunny beautiful day, and enjoyed a marvelous breakfast to the sound of wild life and breaking waves.

We come back with nice memories and the first kayaking-camping experience with MARE project.