Today, we would like to talk about an important part of our training period: the italian classes!

We are so grateful to the project, as it invested a lot of resources in our Italian training. We attended for one month to an 80 hour intensive course at Sant’Anna Institute, in Sorrento. This language school is located in an extraordinary and beautiful place: Marina Grande. We were surprised by the amount of resources that they have given us: personal italian books, library with much material, an excellent social program after school… and a great kindness and sympathy.

In the first day of italian course, in order to attend the best class according to our italian level, we did an evaluation test, which divided us in two different groups: the initial level (for those who had contact with the Italian language for the first time) and a more advanced level (for those who already knew some Italian).

For both groups, the lessons were divided in two parts, one grammatical lesson and one conversational lesson. The afternoons were the occasion to do our homeworks, to help us each other and improve together, sharing our different skills and comprehension of the daily learning. The extra time was also a very good opportunity to improve our italian by interacting with our new friends and colleagues, with the locals, putting into practice our learning and new abilities. With time, we became more and more comfortable and self-confident with our italian!

This course was very enriching for us. We especially want to express our gratitude to  our fantastic teachers: Bianca, Nunzia, Veronica, Giorgia and Domenico. Thanks so much for your sympathy and availability! Moreover, we studied in small interactive and motivated groups, sharing the classes with other students of different places who changed each week. Our classes were very nice occasions for discovering other experiences and culture! With this friendly ambiance, we enjoyed our classes and did some extra activities with our new school friends. It was a very good and nice way to practice and improve italian out of the school!