Few weeks ago, part of our team went to Naples and the other part joined the field trip of the AIGAE course.

Field trip of the AIGAE: 

In the morning, we (Daniel, Fabien and Joana) and the students of the AIGAE – Italian Nature Guides Association cleaned the beach of Tordigliano, in which it was possible to collect some data on the origin of the rubbish founded on the beach, as part of the monitoring for strategies of marine letters.

We followed the method, by counting and classifying each piece of litter. All participants were motivated for doing this important task, which was very efficient. We collected in the majority pieces of plastic bags and polystyrenes, that needs respectively 450 years and 1000 years to disappear… We won this battle, but not the war! Our fight against the litter will continue! And we need your help to do it!

In the afternoon, we went to the center of Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanella, in Massa Lubrense, where we attended a presentation of our director Dr. Antonino Miccio and Dra. Carmela Guidone, as well we saw an excellent 3D film about the marine park. After we visited Punta Campanella Parks new installations of the exhibition, which is located nearby the office.   

This day was very enriched for us both in terms of achievement, learning and pleasant people that we have meet and talked.


EVS Presentation in Naples High schools:

Two of us (Daniela and Laura) went to two high schools in Napoli (ITES Ferdinando Galiani e Liceo Elio Vittorini)  to represent Project Mare and what EVS represents to us. With us there were 3 other youthleaders: Claudia Saioni of GESCO Social Cooperative (she was essential to make these events possible, Thanks Claudia!), Francesco Saverio Quatrano and Nona SImonyan of youth association Nous. At the end we enjoyed some of Napoli’s wonders.

There we explained what the Erasmus+ is and what the projects are within. Then we showed our EVS program:  the M.A.R.E. project and what we do. Besides, we showed our most personal side and the opportunities of participating in an Erasmus + Project: how it allows us to travel, know, understand and accept different cultures and ways of living, to know ourselves, to realize the European identity that each of us has and how life must be lived out of 4 walls.
Surely if we want to know the world and the opportunities that there are, who we are and what we want to do: we have to face the unknown world with curiosity, open mind and despite the differences, we should feel comfortable. In total we have spoken with more than 200 students and we feel that we have done successfully because they were interested, asked us questions and at the end of each session some of them came to us to ask even more things.

Then, we ate a good fried pizza at the Pizzeria de Figliole and Baba, Sfogliatelle and a real Neapolitan coffee! Finally we have walked by the Naples historic center’s streets (especially  San Lorenzo) and Mamma mia !, it’s so beautiful!
Naples is a city to see and revisit several times!