On Wednesday, 4th of April, after our usual Italian lesson, we went to Seiano, in Vico Equense, with the purpose of cleaning the beach. Stefano, a long time partisan and friend of the project M.A.R.E. invited us. There we found such a beautiful landscape with a breathtaking horizon! However it was full with litter.

It didn’t take us long to roll up our sleeves and start to work and collect trash into different bags. For about 5 hours, with a break to relax and socialize a little bit ;-), we filled more than 30 bags of trash with paper, glass, undifferentiated and essentially plastic. To this activity, three great friends joined us, Simona, Ilona and Bartolo: we are very thankful for your help guys!

Tired but happy, with the feeling of mission accomplished, we returned home. Unfortunately there was still a lot of garbage to collect… According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 7 tons of trash are introduced every year in the oceans. 15% of this trash returns to the beaches and of the remaining 85%, 15% can be found on the sea surface and the other 70% accumulate on the seabed.

So, here is one request for who reads this text, whenever you can, either on the beaches of Seiano or others, do not leave litter on the sand and instead of collecting shells or other natural resources, collect trash! If everyone helps a little bit it really does make a difference!