Distributing our posters

We design and write our promotional posters in order to inform people about what we do in a more direct way than through our website. We get to meet people in neighboring villages and to visit these villages too.

For example we went to Sant’Agata, a village where I had been before, but where I had never wandered. I must admit that if I hadn’t had to distribute our posters, I would have spent all my time in this incredible ice cream / pastry shop close to the church but whose name I forgot (obviously). The ice cream was marvelous, this I remember vividly.

In order to succeeding in sticking our posters on shops’ windows, if you are a guy, pray for a girl helping you. Most shop owners we talked to were men, and I can assure you that their reaction was much less enthusiastic when I was talking than when Tanne was. They would look at me with tight jaws and with their eyebrows up, and they would often lean on their counter. And even a blind man could have seen boredom in their eyes. However, when Tanne was talking to them, she would have their complete and undivided attention. I would try not to move and not to make any noise in order not to break the spell. At some point during the day, she told me I should talk more since I speak Italian better than her. I replied that not only is she a girl, she only looks much better than I do, and I want to distribute as many posters as possible, so she actually should keep talking.

We were lucky; most people were very supportive and let us stick our posters on their shop windows. Some asked us questions about our project, the different things that we do. Going to Sant’Agata was definitely a good idea. Given that we do not get to spend much time there, we could talk with people who had never heard about our project before.

After having handed out all our posters, it was time to come back to Nerano and stick other posters in Marina del Cantone. But first we had to manage to take the bus. We missed the first one because it didn’t stop at the usual bus stop. Since it was on a Saturday we had to wait for much longer than usual. The next one was obviously late. Tanne said that we should come back hitch-hiking. I never try to hitch-hike for the same reason I didn’t talk with the shop owners. That’s also why I NEVER wear flip-flops whenever I go out of the house. Luckily an employee of the family-run mozzarella factory in Termini that we had already met drove by us, waved at us – I noticed none of this – , and Tanne started running. I looked at her as if she were completely crazy for a few seconds until she screamed at the employee “Please wait !”. I understood that I had to run for a few seconds to avoid walking for several hours. It sounds contradictory, but my laziness made me do an effort.

On the one hand, I was very grateful he drove us home, on the other hand, the aroma of the mozzarella in the back of his car made me so hungry. I couldn’t stand smelling and still not eating any, so I was actually glad to finally get out his car.

We grabbed more posters at home, and we walked to Marina del Cantone to distribute them. I again let Tanne talk for the same reason as in Sant’Agata, and also because at that moment my blood sugar was dangerously low. My only request was to distribute the last poster in a restaurant, so we could also eat there. People there know us much better, so they didn’t ask us what we were doing, but some agreed to take many posters, complimenting us about the project. It doesn’t sound like much, but it made our day.

These are our posters :

MARE giornalino#1
This is the first one


MARE giornalino#2
This is the second one