‘A Sea to Expore’ in the Schools of the Sorrento Peninsula

It’s that time of year in project MARE where things are starting to slow down a bit: less Ieranto Bay monitoring, hardly any people on the beaches, and just a bit more wind and rain. That doesn’t mean we have less to do however, since one of the main aspects of project MARE is that of environmental education.

So, what will we be doing over the next month and days left? We have the privilege to teach the primary kids in the schools around here and, specifically, this year’s batch are in Sant’Agata, Monticchio, Torca, and Pastena.

The first sessions were held Tuesday through to Wednesday, with the purpose to introduce ourselves and talk about some aspects of the marine park. We had prepared a great activity where the kids had to show how well they know the area by marking the different protected zones within the park with yarn on a map. Naturally, everyone crowded in to help each other and all in all, a good result!

Let’s see how well they know their seas when we talk about our chosen topic over the next weeks: fishing! Let’s see if they get hooked…