What about Italy, Kaya?

11850599_487965014704882_8590049268958812897_oWhat’s the thing you’ll miss most from here? What’s the thing you miss most from Czec Republic?
The people I’ll miss from Italy./ Poledance I miss from Czech Republic.

You notice a big difference between people from Czech and Italy?
No, not much. I’m living in the South of the Czech Republic, and here we are at the South of Italy. Maybe there’s some connection to that.

Italian food. What do you think about Pasticceria and Rosticceria? The amount of sugar in the food is higher than in your country? What does T-Rex think about this?
Pasticceria is one of the best places in the world. I think from sugar/fat in the food it’s more or less equal to Czech Republic. Rosticceria? Eh sorry what is it again?
T-Rex doesn’t like Pasticceria, because one time he got totally drunk by eating to many „Babbá“. He fell on the floor and couldn’t stand up again. He couldn’t help himself, his arms were too short.

Napoletan/Italian. What sounds better?
When you speak Napoletan it sounds a bit like your gypsy. Or like someone without teeth. In general I prefer Italian than Napoletan.

Show us your favourite Italian gesture.
-I don’t care-


Which Italian stereotype you discovered as true/false?
Drinking a lot of coffee, driving in a superchaotic way. Stereotypes which turned out as wrong…i don’t know, are at least not coming into my mind now.

Describe in few adjectives the charateristics of Italian culture.
Colorful, noisy, funny.

You would have gone to Project M.A.R.E if it wouldn’t have taken place in Italy but in Iceland?
Yes, for sure.