Salam Salam. Imen alias I alias Imenna alias Ilaria alias Arfaoui interviewed

Imen is our Tunisian volunteer who left as the first of us few days ago.
She is famous for her Imenlaughter (hhhhhh), her highly activity on her phone (also her calls to her mother: MAAMMMAAA and then some arabiclanguagesomethingsomething), her dancing and singing with Kaya, for Africa-Asia-fights, for the Imenscale, for her egg-redsauce-harissa-food, caos, …
Here is what she says
about living together
What did you find the hardest by living together with 7 other people? (What will you miss the most?)
It’s good to Live with different poeple, feels like we are Big family especially when we Cook and eat together but it’s hard when you don’t have the same Rythm of Life.
Living together with 3 other people in one room/having a room alone, what do you prefer?
I would prefer to have my Own room.. it’s good for the privacy. But I’ve been Lucky to have good roomates.
After living and working together for eight months you feel you can estimate everyone of the others very well? I think i have a small idea about everyone but not enough because there are people i didn’t spend too much time with.
Whats wrong with you?:P
I’m just Crazy.
8 people building a group/more difficult than for 4 people to build a group?
Of course it’s more difficult but we did it hhhh
Yeah more there are people more it’s difficult but it depends on the persons in the group.
Riunione. Che ne pensi?12471380_920834451340273_308157515508510162_o
mammamia che palle
And for me it made things worse.
Alberto in the team. How would it go?
Alberto with me waaaw che paradiso.. love everysecond